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Corn Field

So Sad..no Corn Maze this year.

Triskaidekaphobia (from Greek tris meaning "3", kai meaning "and", deka meaning "10" and phobos meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is fear of the number 13 and avoidance to use it.

WOW that's a mouthful, but it's the best way I know how to describe our "13th" year at the Corn Maze. We started with a super wet spring/summer (ya'll remember that!) and things just kept getting worse. Many happenings have detoured our corn maze efforts this year.....LONG STORY SHORT... we will not be open this year for our "13th" season.

We appreciate everyone's everyone who is a loyal follower at Dream Acres Farm and we are planning to be back in business next fall!

Closed for the season

A Great Place for Affordable Family Fun!

Other important information:
Children under 16 are to be accompained at all times by adults. No throwing of corn. Stay on trails.
Destruction of maze or property there-in will be subject to removal from Corn Maze and possible criminal prosecution.
Service dogs only.
Last admission, one hour prior to closing time.

All rights reserved.

Contact us:
Dream Acres Farm
11704 Camden Darrtown Rd
Camden, Ohio 45311

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